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Dr. Kenneth McFarland, Dean of American Speakers. One of the greatest public speakers of America, Dr. McFarland, presented his enduring vision of a great society based on the rule of law and propelled by the engine of Free Enterprise. His views, founded on the principles of conservatism and capitalism, are eloquently and forcefully spoken by this amazing “Greatest Generation” citizen.

In this signal speech, Dr. McFarland, lays out the principles that must be promoted and nurtured in order for our country to survive. His words are carefully crafted, dynamic and to-the-point. His use of humor warms his audience; his powerful speaking style drives home the essence and demands of our success as Americans.

Dr. McFarland’s background and a list of his many other speeches can be found on a website dedicated to this country – www.mcfarlandspeaks.com . We hope you will listen to and enjoy this speech. Share his speech with others by clicking on the “Share” button.

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Tony Audrieth is webmaster for the McFarland Project (www.mcfarlandspeaks.com) and “ON HUMOR”, a website dedicated to Dr. Charles Jarvis (www.drcharlesjarvis.com), one of the best humorous speakers of the Greatest Generation. Working with Dr. Jarvis and Chief Justice Kay McFarland, he has helped keep Dr. McFarland’s written and spoken words alive and accessible.

Dr. Charles W. Jarvis spoke on the circuit for many years and was known as “The finest Pain-Killer on the Platform Circuit”. His hallmark talk “Prescription for the Happy Life” entertains, inspires and makes you think…..all using clean humor and wit. With the help of Chief Justice Kay McFarland, Dr. Jarvis created the “McFarland Project” to share the speeches and writings of Dr. McFarland.

Dr. Kenneth McFarland spoke throughout the United States and was known as the “Dean of American Speakers”. He passed away on March 6th, 1985. His words, both written and spoken, are made available here through the auspices of the McFarland Project. The force behind the McFarland Project is Dr. Charles W. Jarvis who was his close friend.