Dr. McFarland understood what this KGB defector was saying

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Dr. McFarland said repeatedly that in order to survive, conservative values and the appreciation for our way of life had to be taught everywhere to everyone. He knew that it is easy to accept our liberties without realizing their cost and that without an ongoing, in-depth effort to share our values, all could be lost. Take some time to listen to this interview with Yuri Bezmenov and realize that these insidious efforts have been well underway for years.

Listen to Yuri as he explains exactly what we’ve been seeing for the last 40 years in the Yuri Bezmenov Interview .

If you need the basics to share, listen to Dr. McFarland’s great selection of speeches that are available at the McFarland Speaks store.

You can also listen to “America’s Opportunity” and “Speak Up for America”, here, for free, on McFarland Speaks.

We have turned the corner but now have a long road ahead that requires the accurate and enthusiastic presentation of the ideas that make our country unique in the world. And as Bezmenov says, the last place on earth to make a stand.

By Anthony Audrieth 01/10/2017 09:47 PM

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