Optimism Rears its beautiful head.

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Dr. McFarland often spoke about the need to teach continually the lessons of faith, the values of our system and everything that supports a vibrant and free country. We still have a huge task to reach new young minds and hopefully (but not likely) the minds of those who now feel hopeless.

The lessons Dr. McFarland taught are contained in his many speeches. Not only was he a great speaker, but humorist and strong voice for our country. Those lessons need to be refreshed in the minds of his fans and shared with others in today’s language. And, I’d like to add, with my hat tipped to Dr. Charles Jarvis and Dr. McFarland, that we need to use humor to smooth the way. They used humor to make difficult lessons palatable and we’ll need all the tools we can muster.

If you have not already, complete your set of his talks, refresh your mind and start to share those lessons. If you think these talks would inspire others, gift them a few. All of their talks and speeches are available now for download at:



There is a lot to learn from these gentlemen and now is the time to get their message out.

Thank you.

By Anthony Audrieth 12/21/2016 11:55 AM

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