America's Opportunity - Bicentennial (1976 - 1989)

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Dr. Kenneth McFarland on “America’s Opportunity”. For more information on Dr. McFarland, his speeches and how to sponsor his other great talks, visit www.mcfarlandspeaks.com . You can also find the written text of “America’s Opportunity” on www.mcfarlandspeaks.com. It is a pdf file and can be downloaded for free. Although Dr. McFarland was concerned that it was too long, many people consider it to be his finest speech on the trials and future of our country.

By Anthony Audrieth 10/13/2018 10:20 AM

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  1. Rudy Taylor wrote on 01/24/2010 10:54 AM

    What wonderful memories I have of Dr. Kenneth McFarland and his feisty speeches. I knew him well since we shared the same hometown -- Caney, Kansas. He was an avid reader of the Caney Chronicle which I have published for the past 40 years. He often wrote letters to me offering encouragement and support when he felt I was standing up for America. Oh, how I miss those letters. Kenneth McFarland is a legend in Caney, followed closely by a younger version of himself. Mark Mayfield has plowed his own furrow in public address and remains of the nations' leading speakers. It has been my privilege to be closely allied with both of them.

  2. electrical transformers wrote on 05/02/2011 12:46 AM

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  3. login facebook wrote on 09/25/2011 11:12 PM

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  4. Bob A wrote on 01/14/2014 01:32 PM

    A delightful walk down memory lane. He is a prophet!

  5. Joe Cerniglia wrote on 11/18/2015 11:56 AM

    Gives me chills... My father would sit us all down as a family when we were children and play albums of Dr McFarland speeches in the 60's. I've never forgotten them...unknowingly they became part of my thinking. As I struggle with the world today, often parts of Dr McFarlands words and his ideas, the power of his deliveries provide guidance and clarity about the challenges we face and how we must tell the next generation what it really means to be American, what it costs, since 1770's to be American. What must be done for America to endure, for children, grandchildren, our descendants down the line must learn and know. One of the most powerful parts at least one the ideas that stuck with me my whole life (and there are so many) was how he said we must teach our children, they are not born with it ..they are not born with anything...they can learn any "ism" communism, socialism, etc...any "ism", we must tech them American "ism" ....All Americans must hear these speeches. Grateful to my Dad for sitting us down and making us listen to them when were were young... so powerful... Grateful for Dr McFarland.

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